Paolo Lattanzi

Born in 1977 in Macerata, Italy, Paolo’s first musical influences come from his brother’s and mother’s assortment of recordings ranging in genres from Rock to Classical.

He buys his first drumkit at age 16. A huge fan of Led Zeppelin he focuses on the sound of those incredible albums and on other rock bands from the ’60s and ’70s. In the meantime he expands his repertoire of styles by being part of hard rock, blues and latin-rock bands.  In 1998 he wins an award for best drummer in a regional competition and he keeps playing extensively in central Italy. (continue to the full bio)


Paolo Lattanzi in Recording Studio

Covering the duties of bandleader Paolo Lattanzi has released two internationally acclaimed recordings featuring his original compositions. He is also involved in several projects as sideman, spanning from traditional to contemporary jazz, from form-free improvised music to groove oriented jam bands. (continue to the full music page)