Paolo Lattanzi Boston Commonwealth AveBorn in 1977 in Macerata, Italy, Paolo’s first musical influences come from his brother’s and mother’s assortment of recordings ranging in genres from Rock to Classical.

He buys his first drumkit at age 16. A huge fan of Led Zeppelin he focuses on the sound of those incredible albums and on other rock bands from the ’60s and ’70s while he expands his repertoire of styles by being part of hard rock, blues and latin-rock bands. In 1998 he wins an award for best drummer in a regional competition and keeps playing extensively in central Italy.

Over the years a growing attraction to a freer and more expressive approach to music leads Paolo closer to jazz. In the year 2000 he decides that in order to keep moving ahead musically he needs to leave the comforts of his current life and go where he could learn more and find new musical challenges. In 2002 he enrolls at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, majoring in performance while taking advantage of any opportunity to study music theory, composition and arranging. He graduates with honors and “Magna Cum Laude” in the spring of 2005.

That strong interest for composition and arranging he developed during his years at Berklee culminates with the recording of Night Dancers (Silta Records), featuring him as leader, composer and drummer. The recording receives excellent reviews from the international press and radio play in Europe and the USA.

In the summer of 2007, while working at a music expo in southern Italy Paolo meets the people from UFIP Cymbals and Percussions. He later becomes an endorser of their cymbals, that’s the beginning of an enduring collaboration.

In 2009 he starts a new project called Characteristic Pitches involving some of the best musicians in Boston. In August the same year the group records Multitude with very special guest Robin Eubanks on trombone. The album is released later in December (Silta Records SR0906) and earns international critical acclaim; a special mention on Italian magazine “Musica Jazz” features Multitude Disc of the Month in the issue of April 2010. In the meantime the music expands over a greater territory and is played by multiple radio stations across the world.

Paolo participated in various projects and performed extensively in Boston and New York clubs including the Skybar, the Paradise Club, the Middle East, the Samba, the C-Note, CBGB’s, the Beehive, Vernissage, Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts, Smalls Jazz Club, the Lily-Pad, Caffè Vivaldi, ABC No Rio, Pianos, The Fat Cat and more.

He has performed in different capacities with renowned artists such as Robin Eubanks, Michael Feinberg, Christian Scott, Eguie Castrillio, Ken Cervenka, Tom Guarna, Simon Tedeschi, Matt Garrison, Federico Casagrande, Francesco Bearzatti, Evgeny Lebedev and many others.

Paolo studied with several renowned musicians including Kenwood Dennard, Ian Froman, Mike Mangini, Ralph Peterson, Casey Scheuerell, Massimo Manzi, Bob Pilkington, Ken Cervenka, John Ramsay, Jon Hazilla and many more.

Drum Clinics with: Dave Weckl, Bill Stewart, Steve Smith, Steve Gadd and Jack DeJohnette.

Other Jazz Clinics: Dave Holland, Pat Metheny.

Paolo Lattanzi lives in New York City, where he keeps working on the development of his career and skills as a musician.

Paolo Lattanzi endorses UFIP Cymbals.

• Andres Wilson Band: “Ink and Sound” (2006)
• Paolo Lattanzi Group: “Night Dancers” (Silta Records 2006)
• Characteristic Pitches featuring Robin Eubanks: “Multitude” (Silta Records 2009)